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We offer a wide range of funeral accessories, the presence of which you can find out by calling us.



"ANGEL" transports bodies of the deceased in a specialized, certified vehicle-hearse, from abroad to Latvia and from Latvia to anywhere in the world.



Unfortunately, sooner or later everyone will have to use funeral services. It’s difficult to keep a clear mind in a moment like this, our team of professionals is ready to help.



"ANGEL" Ltd. provide missing person search assistance. We work closely with embassies and consulates in many countries. Also use the help of volunteers.



"ANGEL" provide transporting the deceased from home, hospital, nursing home to morgue, 24 hours a day, transportation of the coffin from morgue to crematorium, church, chapel or any other burial place in any part of Latvia.


If a person died at home in the presence of loved ones during the holidays or at night

You should immediately contact the ambulance so that doctor could announce time of death. Phone number of ambulance: 03 if calling from landline or 113 if calling from mobile phone. After that you should contact funeral agency for transporting body of the deceased to the morgue.

If a person died at home during daytime

You should call the family doctor or ambulance, so that doctor could announce time of death. After that you should contact funeral agency for transporting body of the deceased to the morgue

If a person died on the road

Body of the deceased in sent to forensic morgue. So, in case of lost relative or other close person, you should go to forensic morgue, located in, Riga, 2 Hipokrata street, or call them by phone (+371) 20080000 (twenty-four hours a day). You will be informed whether missing person is in the morgue, and if you will need to identify body in order to receive conclusion about the cause of death.


Doctor who has arrived to announce time of death will decide if autopsy is necessary. If he will have trouble determining cause of death and there will be any doubt that death was natural, body will be sent for autopsy. In this case, you should contact funeral agency for transporting body of the deceased.

Medical conclusion about cause of death

Medical conclusion about cause of death, based on the diagnosis of the disease, will be provided by doctor in the hospital where the deceased was previously looked after. Medical conclusion about cause of death is given to relatives of the deceased. It is necessary to provide passport of the deceased and identification document when receiving medical conclusion about cause of death.


Is ready to help you with advice and information about primary steps in this difficult time 

     Experienced "ANGEL" employees are always ready to carefully listen, and give competent answers to your questions, providing quality service and all the necessary help for sending the deceased on respectable last journey.
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For your convenience "ANGEL"provides free, twenty-for hour helpline. Our experts will consult you and help you in even in the most difficult of situations.
"ANGEL" offers free of charge: house visit of a qualified agent, consultation, placement of order consultation of a qualified agent on toll-free phone (+371)80008014, (+371)20087777, (+371)20080000, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


(if customer has low-income status or 1st and 2nd disability group certificate)

426.86 EUR

Paperwork (death certificate, funeral benefit from VSAA - The State Social Insurance Agency, reservation of the date for funeral in the cemetery).

Transport services – hearse (transportation of the deceased from place of death to the morgue, transportation of the deceased from the morgue to the burial place).

Two carriers (agency’s employees will carry coffin with the deceased from the morgue to the hearse and from the hearse to the burial place. They will also lower the coffin into the grave and burry it).

Special package – package in which body of the deceased is lying in the refrigerating chamber until the day of funeral.

Draped coffin valued 100 EUR (wooden coffin, covered in cloth with bed and pillow).

Funeral accessories: cover, slippers.

Morgue services – storage and preparation of the deceased for burial.